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Airport · Zurich

The plug and work workspace at Airport Zurich is located directly opposite the arrival and departure areas in one of Europe’s busiest airports. The ninth and tenth storeys of the unique building give you a view of the airport that others will envy. You can present your company at an international hub with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a central location. Accommodation is available at a four-star hotel that occupies the other storeys. Via the basement level you can reach the train station (10 minutes to the city centre) and the airport shopping centre.

plug and work at Airport Zurich offers you a modern workspace tailored to your personal requirements:

  • Offices from 15 m² - Fully equipped for one to 15 workstations as individual offices, team offices or executive offices with an outer office. Open-plan offices possible.
  • Virtual office with international business address – Use the day office at this prestigious location whenever you need it. Incoming calls and post will be forwarded to your home address or an address of your choice, or we can receive them for you at the location.
  • Telephone service – We will take incoming calls on behalf of your company, including 24/7 if desired.
  • Coworking – Work together with different people, mostly in larger rooms, and benefit from one another. Flexible working times and international networking opportunities.

Everything close at hand

The airport is the gateway to the international metropolis Zurich. Employees of all globally renowned companies associate here. Visitor parking spaces are available. The site has excellent accessibility thanks to its direct connection to motorways, trains, buses and the train station. Zurich Airport is Switzerland’s best-connected location. At the airport itself, shops are open until late at night.

plug and work
Airport Zurich

Postfach 311
CH-8058 Zürich Airport  

Tel.: +41 44 567 61 00


Directions to Zurich Airport from the north of Switzerland:

  • From the north of the city, take motorways A2 / A3 / A4 / A14 / A40 towards Zurich
  • Turn off onto motorway A51 and follow signs to Zurich Airport

Directions to Zurich Airport from the east of Switzerland:

  • Coming from the east of Switzerland, take any of the following motorways to Zurich: A1 / A2 / A3 / A5 / A6 / A12 or A20
  • Join the A51 motorway and follow the signs for Zurich Airport

Directions to Zurich Airport from the south of Switzerland:

  • Travelling to the city from the south, take one of the following motorways to Zurich: A2 / A3 / A4 / A14 or A40
  • At Zurich, join the A51 motorway and follow signs for the airport

Directions to Zurich Airport from the west of Switzerland:

  • Coming from the west of Switzerland, take one of the following motorways to Zurich: A1 / A2 / A3 / A5 / A6 / A12 or A20
  • At Zurich, follow signs for the A51 motorway
  • Once on the A51 motorway, follow signs for Zurich Airport

By public transport

Beneath the Airport Centre near Check-in area 3, guests will find the SBB travel centre. Once there, the suburban S2 and S16 lines will bring you to Zurich city centre in approximately 11 minutes, with trains departing around every 20 minutes. Journeys cost 6 CHF from the airport to the city.



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